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YouTube is an online video-sharing website, with more than 1.6 billion users worldwide. According to an online survey, YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine on the internet and has over 6 billion hours of watch time. This survey was conducted in 2017, and YouTube has grown by double the pace after that; it is still the second largest search engine after Google. People from all around the world search for their queries, and YouTube provides them with answers in videos. The fundamental explanation behind the development of YouTube isn't that it gives videos to watch, yet in addition, it offers you the opportunity to acquire by making content. With every one of these advantages, YouTube draws a massive crowd of the web towards itself. There is a certain threshold to start earning on YouTube that a channel must have a watch time 4000 hours in the past year, and it must have 1000 subscribers. Today the earning of the biggest channel on YouTube is estimated to be around 14.4M US Dollars each month. 

If you are one of the people who own a YouTube Channel and want to analyze and grow your channel, then you have come to the right site. YouTube Channel Analytics Tool is here for your service; this tool allows you to analyze your channel to predict many things that are otherwise not possible. The YouTube analytics tool also allows you to view some features, but they are very limited, and you can only see your own statistics.  This YouTube Channel Analytics Tool also allows you to additionally perceive the following statistics that are not available on the simple analytic tool provided by YouTube.

  • Upload
  • Subscribers
  • Total Video Views 
  • Country from where the channel is operated
  • Channel Type
  • Social Blade Rank
  • Rank according to Subscriber (worldwide)
  • Rank according to Views (worldwide)
  • Rank in the country
  • Rank in Music
  • Estimated Daily Earning
  • Estimated Monthly Earning
  • Estimated Yearly Earning
  • Subscribers in the last 30 days
  • Video Views in the last 30 days

The value of earning is an estimated value and can vary with the number of views. YouTube Channel Analytics Tool counts the value with the help of average views on videos. This whole statistical record gives you a very good rough idea of your channel and where you stand in your race. This can help you develop strategies for your channel to grow, and you can also compare your stats with other channels. The values of earning are also calculated on the basis of regions. It is possible that a channel in the UK, with the same number of views, makes more than a channel in India. Your AdSense income varies dependent on your CPM. CPM is the amount of money that an advertiser pays for 1000 views of his ad. This number can be somewhere in the range of $0.10 to $10 and, in some cases, much more; however, the most widely recognized reaches are from $0.25 to $4, and that is what we're utilizing as a default extend for YouTube AdSense income figuring.

There are other tools on this website that can help you groom your channel and direct your audience towards it. Do check them out if you are interested.

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