What is Youtube?

Youtube is a video sharing social media and a big earning platform. provide in the google team. just follow the simple steps, and start to earn money from youtube any creator.

What is earning Platform on youtube?

Youtube earning platform is a youtube partner program, you have created a youtube channel.

with a google account and select your channel category.

we have been working to add more copyright tools to youtube studio, to help better understand

why you receive a copyright strike and resolve it more quickly.

you will now see info about your channel copyright strike directly on your youtube studio dashboard.

It’s true that you can earn money by uploading videos through YouTube.  If you do, you will definitely be able to start earning your channel online and running your own YouTube channel as a business.

YouTube is the most popular video sharing site. It’s hard to find people who aren’t currently familiar with the word YouTube. The use of YouTube is unique in almost every kind of work, from teaching to learning.

Suppose tomorrow is your Exam. Don’t you like reading? Tutorials on that topic can be seen on YouTube.

Or a cultural event in the school. Teachers have said that wearing a sari is compulsory. No worries! There is YouTube.

Every day, YouTube has been helping us like Aladdin’s monster, with more and more small needs.

You don’t have to look around the world nowadays to see successful YouTube. In our country there are some tiger tigers on youtube who speak the same language as me, sing or sing in Bangla.

Ayman Sadiq came first to pull the example of successful youtube. She is a Bangladeshi personality, speaker, and online teacher. On March 27, he raised his hand in an online educational institution called “5 Minute School”. It is an organization that provides various information and assistance on education online for free.

Well, never came to the head of the video uploads to YouTube, where is the profit? Yes! There is a famous proverb in English “If not good at something, never do it for free”. According to a survey of 28, Ryan’s only child, who is just 5 years old, owns the US $ 22 million by showing toy reviews on YouTube. In second place is a young man named Jake Paul, who has an income of 21.5 million