YouTube knows what that is.

1. You can upload 5 minutes of video without opening an account. You can also upload video files larger than 20GB by verifying your account. This is why you can easily verify it with a mobile number. See instructions on the YouTube help page.

2. YouTube also offers the ability to edit videos. YouTube can also be used as a free online video editor. Create new videos online with the YouTube Video Creator. There is also a free music library.

3. You can decide who you want to watch and not whom to show. If you want someone who has your video link to see it, others will not be able to see it. So that can be done too. This is how the cricket game looks live on the Rabitholebd ape. There are many YouTube users who search for adult videos on YouTube. Yes, there are adult videos and YouTube, but Age Restricted, such videos will not be viewed unless logged in. Keep this in mind when uploading.

4. Add subtitles to videos. YouTube has the advantage of more subtitles than any other subtitle – read in any language through Google Translator. If you want to create a video that will be useful to anyone in the world, try adding the English subtitles in Bengali.

5. Now YouTube channels have become an alternative to television channels. Professional video makers can place verified marks on YouTube channels. Usually, with 100k subscribers this sign is easily added, maybe less Hoole.

6. If you have 100K subscribers you can get the Silver Play Button. Besides, there are Golden, Diamond, Ruby buttons that nobody in Bangladesh has ever dreamed of getting.

7. Video channels that have more than 1 total view can be Monetize videos. And you have to meet those same conditions on YouTube multi-channel networks