Video is popular on almost all platforms when it comes in the 21st. People are now more accustomed to watching videos than wearing one.

For those of us marketers, making videos and doing their SEO has become a very important thing. There are many steps to doing YouTube SEO. I will not discuss them today. But let’s talk about some tools that I think everyone should use.

KW Difficulty, Rank Checker & Video Stats. The keyword you are searching for shows the maximum position in the right sidebar, which to me is a very useful thing.

Finding the right keywords for your next video. I use this as well as AHREFS.T

Togenerate tags for videos. A lot of work for the English video series. Not doing so well in Bengal yet.

Youtube Rank Checker – Keyword Web-Based Video Rank Checker. You just enter your target keyword and link to your video. The rest will find that out.

To design awesome thumbnails. There are many readymade templates. Very beautiful can be designed. Only when setting the element will you see whether it is free or paid (the dollar sign will be paid, or the word free will not be written).

You can also use more Kisu tools that will work on your YouTube SEO. Below are the details of these;
Social Blade is your Competitor Analysis Tool. This allows you to track the work of your Competitor. You can find out what social media platforms your compatitor is using.

This lets you talk about your keywords, create projects, you can easily get a guideline with top keywords.