Now it’s the turn of monetization. You must be hearing about your AdSense.

Now you have to apply for monetization of your YouTube channel by going to AdSense website.

If you do not have 1000 hours of view time and thousands of subscribers, your application will not be accepted.

your application accepted and reviewed. What is monetization? Monetization means displaying ads.

Just as Google Adsense shows different types of ads on the website if you notice that different popular YouTube videos have different ads in the form of popups. Google earn from YouTube video from advertising, same time earns money from YouTube.¬†Except for very popular channels, “video ads”¬† not shown on videos from other channels.

this monetization approved turned the channel,

Monetization button added to the channel, after turn on

the Monetization button, different types of ads appearing on the side, below channel videos.

Each of these ads has a separate rating. In such an advertisement the advertiser company paid 3 cents.

Now from these 60 cents get 5% and YouTube will keep the rest 5%. That means 1% (forty) of the

advertising revenue will be placed on YouTube and the remaining 5% will be paid through AdSense.

igging video made 60 cents make a video

naturally cannot earn more money from YouTube.

idea wrong. Pewdiepie, the most-subscribed channel on YouTube,

earned $ 5 million in videos with over 5 million views.

That means over 1 million views in the video = $ 120 USD