What is a Graphics Design?

There are many things beyond what we usually call graphics design, but we will discuss what we need and how to start freelancing by learning easily, such as logo design, flyer design, social media cover design, cover letter, It is possible to make good income by doing these simple tasks and we need to learn something to do such work.

What software to use?
Generally, any version of Adobe Photoshop CS or CC can be used for graphics design as well as any version of ADB Illustrator.

What is the configuration of the computer to use this software?
Generally, graphics design requires a very good computer configuration, but one thing goes with the lowest kyon configuration. Many people are interested to know that Minimum Core Eye III is required to run such software, and above that generation, a good job can be done. If you can run 1GB if the Yarm is 1GB, then you can sometimes do a little leg.

How to learn graphics design?
There are many mediums for learning graphic design. Which of these will be good for you? If you are fond of chatting on the internet, there are many Bangladeshi YouTube channels that you can learn from YouTube. Or if you want to get help from a training center but in our country % Training Center Bout fake so you can bank online courses in English, Bengali, there are many video courses at the advanced level, which enables you to learn Graphic Design.

After learning how to start work in a marketplace?
After learning new work on any topic, the Fever Marketplace as a new one can be very successful here very quickly, as well as being involved in Freelancer.com’s design competition, it will increase your work experience and Idea will be working in the marketplace and how many designs are needed. Get ideas as well as make some designs of your own and if possible for yourself There will be many websites with information about where some of your own designs, which will work to the buyer will see.

Where can I easily learn graphics design?
I have already discussed how to learn, but many will say that some resources are offered wherever you can get a full course. My own opinion is that there is a good video on graphics design. Learn with Sohag channel. You need more than work to be a good quality designer

How can I learn advanced level design?
Many people think that I have learned fairly good design, now I will learn to design good quality and do not need to forbid your sleep because of this kind of thinking, when you start working in the marketplace slowly and get a lot of ideas to work, how to get to the advanced level of heat. There are tips such as how to look at others’ designs, visit different design websites, then how to get Anita Idea. Design or colorize your work to the next level