It’s been 5/6 months since I learned new, web design in Fiverr. I don’t know much about fiber as new.
Now I have a problem, so I want help.

A buyer texted me 5 days ago, asking for some responsive web pages. The talking about this, he said give me xd file I will do xd to HTML. Hmmm, the final is all over. He himself sent me a custom order, giving me 10 days.
I could have completed the work in 10 days.

Then he gave me the xd file. I saw everything, there are some mobile views and some desktop views. I didn’t tell him about this, then he said I would design the desktop view and make the mobile view like mine. And I used to do the desktop view of the mobile view and make the mobile view the way it is. Hmmm, that’s normal. I started the work by keeping the same design + pixels as usual. I talked to him after 1 day, when I wanted to know about work, I said he wants to see. Then I just finished 1 page, he heard it and said, well, do 2/1 more, then he will have the advantage to verify the work. I told him to complete 3 pages in 2 days and give the link of the page to check. From then in the main trouble started. Her xd file has 1600px with face top view.

And I did the design as it is. But he was not happy at all He tells me to use my creativity to work. I don’t understand. I was given a design concept. I designed. What is the use of creativity here? And weed or I gave a lot bigger 1800px became much bigger. When I talk about the xd file, he says it doesn’t have a complete design, so I have to add something. Well, I listened to him and acted accordingly, but he did not like it. He wants some changes in the design but does not know what the change is I used to do that. This is how I change my ways. Again, he says something I do, Again, he says something about change Thus, today is the end of 5 days, 2 pages, I think I have to do full code 10 times and I have rejected 10 times. 1 page is not complete yet. The time is 5 days.

What can I do? He is not giving me any final design. Time 5 days left. Many remain to be done. As he is working, I am sure it will take me 2 months. I have asked him many times to give me a final concept, but he is not giving. That’s what I don’t want to do at the moment. I know my account will have problems if he cancels the order. But there is a Uwa that I can cancel + account will not be a problem.
18-page work in 10 days.

1 page does not end after 5 days and I do not know the remaining 18 pages will be done.
So please tell me anyway I can cancel (if there is a way).
Give me some suggestions on what I can do right now.
Thank you.